Dog training is an essential part of the socialisation process of any dog. Without it your dog will be a problem to both you and anyone it meets. Nobody likes a dog that jumps up when greeted, barks all day and night or bites at unwary passers-by.Dog training may require some effort on your part but in the end it will definitely be worth it. You will have a pet that you will be proud to own.

If you haven’t yet purchased a dog then think about the temperament of the breed before purchasing. If you are buying from a breeder ask them about the temperament of the puppy’s parents. Dog training will tend to be a little easier with gentler, less volatile breeds and smaller breeds are often easier to control.

If you have already purchased your puppy or already have a fully grown dog and are ready to start dog training then check the following list of tips and hints:

  1. Start dog training from day 1. This is so important and yet many believe that puppies are too young to train. The best time to train your dog is from the day you bring it home regardless of its age.
  2. Be consistent. This includes your family and friends. There is no point teaching your dog not to jump up when greeted if your partner or friends allow it.
  3. Don’t yell at your dog. This will only cause your dog to be scared of you and a scared dog is less likely to do what you want. You want a happy dog that is willing to do everything you say.
  4. Don’t hit your dog or physically abuse it in anyway. This will only create a bad relationship between you and your dog and your dog will be less likely to do as you say.
  5. Use positive rewards and ignore bad behaviour. When your dog does something good then reward it. If it does something bad, like jumping up on you, then ignore it.
  6. Attend obedience classes. You don’t need to spend the rest of your life at obedience classes but if you can make the effort to attend at least ten lessons this will be a great start and give you and your dog the confidence you need.
  7. Don’t expect too much too soon. Some dogs learn faster than others but if you are consistent then your dog training efforts will be rewarded.
  8. Don’t leave your children alone with a new puppy. I put this one here only because young children don’t always understand how to look after a puppy and some have been known to hit them without reason. Any damage done at this early stage can have detrimental affects on your training program.

If you love dogs then you have come to the right place. Here you will find a huge range of articles on the care and well-being of your dog including dog health, dog training, grooming, flea control, pet memorials and much, much more. Everything you need to know about dogs is here with new articles added on a regular basis.

Dogs are an integral part of our lives. They have the capacity to provide us with companionship and a devotion that is difficult to match in any other animal. And in return they ask for little: a good meal, exercise, a warm place to sleep and above all attention from its owner.

If you are about to bring a new dog into your home then think first about the amount of time, effort and money that you will have to contribute to its upkeep. Be honest with yourself and decide whether you will do all of those things that are required to keep a dog, like the regular walks, the trips to the vet and the midnight wake up calls when your dog needs to be let out.

If you haven’t yet chosen your dog, then consider the following before making your decision:

  1. Do you want a crossbreed or a purebred?
  2. Male or female?
  3. What size? Only look for a large dog if you have plenty of room.
  4. Short-haired or long-haired? A short-haired breed will require less time in grooming.
  5. Active or quiet? An active dog will require a lot of your time and attention as they do get bored easily.
  6. Do you want to start with a puppy or a full-grown dog? A puppy will require a lot more effort in the first 12 months. A full-grown dog may need less work but will depend on how the dog has been treated prior to you receiving it.
  7. Don’t buy a dog just because the kids want it. Buy it because you want it. Ultimately it will be you who ends up feeding it, walking it and looking after it.

Whether you own a dog or are thinking of owning a dog this site will provide you with the information you need. Keep it in your favourites and come back often as more articles will be added on a regular basis.

When WordPress was installed aimed at your website, it most likely included several themes already implemented now that you are searching at premium wordpress themes, you are most likely wondering how you can even have them installed and functional using blogging platforms. You will find several information that are given on every theme page that you ought to understand to be able to ensure a simple installation.

The most crucial bit of details are frequently the first given: which versions of WordPress the theme works with. Generally, themes is going to be forward compatible and themes that you simply purchase is going to be suitable for the most recent versions of WordPress. Any good way to look for your WordPress version to make sure compatibility would be to log to the administration panel and check out the foot of the screen in which the version is frequently indicated. For instance, in case your WordPress states version 3.2.1 and also the theme states that it’s suitable for 3.1 , your theme is going to be suitable for your WordPress and really should install easily.

Another essential bit of information is if the theme comes with an auto-installer. If we have an auto-installer, cellular phone procedure will require only a couple of clicks along with a couple of information. Some themes might even install using your web host’s CPanel. If it doesn’t, you’ll need an FTP client or perhaps your web host’s upload tool, an FTP username, as well as an FTP password.

When the theme doesn’t have an installer, you will have to find your wordpress-content/themes directory. Ezinearticles should contain several sub-sites that report straight to the themes that you simply presently have installed and it is your directory that you will set your premium wordpress themes. Upload the entire folder that contains the theme for this directory.

Based on your WordPress version, you may even come with an “Looks” menu by having an “Add themes” option, a brand new feature in WordPress. This can be used tool to be able to upload a zipped copy of the theme to WordPress, permitting this program to put the files where it requires them.

So that your new theme is installed and you are prepared to enable it. You’ll simply need to visit the “Design” menu, choose “themes”, after which pick the theme you want to create active and every one of the web pages which aren’t told to clearly use another style will start to make use of the new theme you have selected.

As you have seen, setting up new themes is fast and simple using WordPress. The most crucial factor to keep in mind would be to check the form of your theme using the form of your WordPress. When the theme isn’t suitable for your WordPress, you will need to change your WordPress or e-mail who owns the theme to be able to look into the latest compatibility statement. When they match and you’ve got adopted the instructions here or any instructions packed using the theme, then you need to be on the right path to presenting and taking pleasure in your brand-new premium wordpress themes.