Tips and hints for effective flea control

If you own a dog then at some point you will probably have a problem with fleas. Flea control is important for both you and your dog. If fleas are on your dog then they are probably in your home. Summer is generally the time when fleas appear in large numbers so flea control around this time is vital.

Fleas can be seen with the naked eye and can be found anywhere on your dog but are more commonly seen on the lower back near the tail. For effective flea control you need to treat the fleas when they are spotted. The longer you wait the more fleas you will get.

There are a large number of products available to control fleas but for effective flea control you need to kill fleas not only on your dog but also in their bedding, in your house and in your garden.

Best Offers

  • Millers Forge Deluxe Flea Comb For Pets – This comb can be used easily to remove fleas from your pet. Chrome plated steel with rounded teeth for a gentle touch. The teeth are spaced ultra close to trap fleas when combing. Complete with easy instructions for maximum effectiveness.
  • 8oz PPP Flea & Tick Mousse – The easy-to-use product that not only kills fleas and ticks very quickly, but also cleans the animals skin and coat, leaving it shining and pleasantly scented, and no rinsing is required!

Flea collars are an effective form of flea control with herbal flea collars becoming more and more popular. Flea collars are generally a deterrent rather than a cure and should be used as such.

Flea combs are quite effective as they are made specifically to catch fleas and drag them out. Use the comb everyday and also after each wash.

Ensure your dog is bathed regularly. Bathing will kill some of the fleas but not all of them. Use your flea comb after each wash as any fleas that aren’t killed will be stunned and easier to remove.

Wash your dogs bedding regularly and keep the area around your pet’s bed as clean as possible.

Vacuum regularly. Shake flea powder into the vacuum bag before using otherwise the fleas will just jump back out once vacuumed. Better yet, if you can afford to, throw away the vacuum bag after each vacuum.

Products such as Frontline have been known to be a highly effective form of flea control as they kill not only the fleas but also the eggs and the larvae for up to three months. It is easily applied to your pet and is completely waterproof so your dog can continue to swim and be bathed without losing the effectiveness of the product.

Flea control can be difficult but fortunately there are products out there that can help. By following the tips described above and using some of these products you should find your flea problems are over.

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